Creche Teachers in Training

To: Friends of  Ministries.

From: Peter M. Sekhonyane.

Subject: State of The Ministries ( As at 31 August 2022).

Date: 7 September 2022.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings in the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ, The Lord. May His Love, Joy and Peace be multiplied in your life as well as in your Ministry. Jesus is Lord of all.

Allow me to refresh your mind concerning the above named Ministries:

  1. We are an Outreach Ministry, carrying on with The Great Commission( Mark 16: 15-20; Matthew 28:18-20). We are working with Local Churches in all of the 9 Provinces.
  2. Alongside the Outreach Ministry, Nationwide, is the Prayer Ministry, National Evangelistic Prayer Watch Outreach( NEPWO). Our mandate is to call the Local Churches back to Prayer. This has been happening since July 2004. We advocate for Day and Night kind of Prayer.
  3. We are a Community orientated Ministry:
    1. Adopted 35 Crèches in the vicinity of the Ministry, Training the management and staff, helping where we can with Teaching Aids); Soon we will be running a Crèche from our Ministry’s premises( taking only 4 to 5 years only).
    2. Running a Children Prayer Ministry, named The Royal Kids Of South Africa: teaching them how to pray, Making Disciples of Children( using Samaritan Purse’s material); helping the Children with Schools’ remedial work; teaching them Life Skills and identifying the Children’s talents( music, dance, public speaking and memory verses); providing warm meals for the Children every week day before going home.
    3. C.  Running Youth Prayer Movement, named UPRISING( United Prayer Rising) most of them are are graduates from the Children Prayer Ministry, teaching them to pray for our Nation and and Nations of the World. Excellent in Prayer and in Outreaches.
    4. D.  Running, professionally, Music Academy named Locrianz, introducing Children and Youth in Basic Music Lessons, guiding them in writing an International Exams, affiliated with IBRM Music School, in London. The Academy started in 2016 and has had 120 Graduates in Grade 1-4, with average of 86% pass rate.
    5. E. Running Feeding Project For Elderly Citizens( Old People), this has been in operation Since 2008. Elderly people are given Vegetable Hampers, every week Wednesday. Fresh Vegetables from the Fields.
    6. F. Soon to start, before the end of the Year 2022, Is the Training of parents of Children
      Between 0 years to 7. We have come to realize that many parents do not know how
      To deal with development of Children between 0 years to 7, the research we carried
      As a Ministry showed that the soaring crime levels are caused by lack of trained
      Parents( not all but a high percentage of parents are untrained to raise children.)

State Of Ministry August 2022

Allow me to remind you again that on 17 September 2021, on my Birthday, I was given as a present, a 2 000 Seater White Tent. In the middle of the first week of October 2021, a gentleman I once worked with, who was not at the Birthday Party, gave me a present of a 500 Seater Blue and White Tent. I sat then with 2 Tents baffled at the meaning of all these. It took me 3 full weeks of Prayer to find out the meaning of all these generous gifts.

At the end of the 3rd week, I got the answer. The mandate was clear, utilize both Tents to carry out the Great Commission fully. Train Labourers to work in and through those Tents, bringing in the harvest into the Kingdom, preaching the Good News of The Lord Jesus Christ. The emphasis was to “bring back the OLD TIME RELIGION,” undiluted. Not only must they preach the Good News, but they must go further and make Disciples of all the Nations.

I then called in all my Sons and Daughters and Friends of the Ministry, and articulated the MANDATE.

On the 23-29 November 2021, we launched the 2 000 White Seater Tent. It was the first time since 1984 to pitch the Tent of that size, but to our amazement the Tent was packed to its capacity on the 2nd night. It was of God. We harvested 279 souls into the Kingdom. We then continued with Discipleship Classes, started and grew to 19 House Churches in Extension 1, Orange Farms. The meetings were being streamed live on Facebook, this resulting the news reaching far places like Cape Town and East London. Before the week was over, we had delegation from East London coming and joining us for the last 3 nights. All were excited to hear and see what The Lord was doing. In the middle of December, 2021 the delegation from Cape Town came on a fact finding Mission. They went back on the 26 of December to arrange a meeting with Sons, Daughters and Friends of the Ministry in Cape Town. The meeting was convened in the late January, 2022.

The meeting resulted in me going to Cape Town from April, 2022 to date. Every month, for 3 to 5 days, at a time, Disciple-ing Leaders and Converts.

At the time of going to the press, all Ministries are progressing well except the Discipleship Training Ministry. We are only into 3 Provinces, Gauteng, Western Cape and Eastern Cape, all at Foundation level with Western Cape leading.


Disciples were trained as to how to reach out on One-On-One, finding the man or woman of peace and then go on to start a DBS( Discovery Bible Series). They were also trained to reach out to Local Churches and tell HiStory and to those re-dedicating their lives to the Lord, group them into DBS small Groups( Disciple-ing them). As at the end of August, 2022; we have 29 DBS Classes( we call them House Churches).WESTERN PROVINCE:

We had Vision Casting in January 2022 and the Training started in March 2022. Training consisted of theory as well as practical. This continued monthly( 3-5 days a month) till the beginning of September, 2022. Presently, there are 37 Leaders doing Discipleship Training in 37 DBS Classes.

PLEASE NOTE: On the 8 October, 2022; The above trained Leaders will Launch a 2 000 Seater Tent Campaign that will take place at Nyanga( For 1 week) on 24-29 October, 2022; and at Khayelitsha( also for 1 week) from 31 October to 5 November 2022. On the day of the Launch, all logistics will be announced. Every Leader trained as a Disciple and those he/she is training will be involved in inviting the local residents( in a door to door operation, never  seen before in Cape Town.EASTERN CAPE:

So far in the Eastern Cape, only 3 Local Churches are participating in Discipleship Training. They are changing the method of Cell Groups into DBS. The recent report show how passionate the individual Trainees are progressing in the Series.Hoping to see you visit us in Orange Farms( to see for yourself what is happening on the ground) Or in Cape Town in October. We will be delighted to be with you.

Please continue to support us in Prayer as well as in Finances( as the Lord lead You).

May the Lord richly bless and keep you.

With the mark of a believer,

Peter M. Sekhonyane (Bishop) +27 (82) 619 7307

Banking details: FNB; Vereeniging Branch(250337) Acc No:6331505453; Name Maranatha Missions Project; Acc Type: Business. SWIFT CODE: FIRNZAJJXXX